Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems: Embedded systems are increasingly becoming a key technological component of all kinds of complex technical systems, ranging from vehicles, telephones, audio-video equipment, aircraft, toys, security systems, medical diagnostics, to weapons, pacemakers, climate control systems, manufacturing systems, intelligent power systems etc.

Axoncontrol’s embedded software solutions help manufacturers gain a competitive edge by enhancing product features and performance along with faster time to market. These solutions help in development and testing of operating systems, file systems, middleware, connectivity stacks, drivers and kernels.​

Our Capabilities:
- Low level device drivers[CAN/SPI/I2C etc]
- Diagnostics software GMLAN/FNOS/ISO14229
- ECU/Module software/firmware
- Software Validation and Verification
- Embedded Software Staffing solution
- Autosar Configuration Solution
- Bootloader
Key Benafits:
- Expereicend and Capable team of engineers who can start the project immediate
- Cost saving
- Quality Service