Automotive Embedded Systems

Todays automobiles are fast becoming a moving computer networks.  From deploying an airbag within hundred milli second of a crash event to making real time video conferencing, the complexity of automotive embedded systems has increased tremendously.  A typical vehicle today contains an average of 25-35 microcontrollers with some luxury vehicles containing up to 70 microcontrollers per vehicle.

Today’s shorter development schedules and increased software complexity have forced designers to resort to select the more advanced CPUs and a higher level language in which designers can easily reuse modules from project to project.


AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is an open and standardized automotive embedded systems architecture, jointly developed by automobile manufacturers, suppliers and tool developers. It is a partnership of automotive OEMs, suppliers and tool vendors whose objective is to create and establish open standards for automotive E/E (Electrics/Electronics) architectures that will provide a basic infrastructure to assist with developing vehicular software, user interfaces and management for all application domains.Many OEMs in Europe and North America is fast moving to Autosar based software development.

How Axoncontrols helps  OEMS/Suppliers ?

Axoncontrols have a dedicated team of engineers trained in complete cycle of automotive embedded system development and validation. We also provide independant validation of your automotive embedded systems software.

Our Capabilities:

- Low level device drivers[CAN/SPI/I2C etc]
- Diagnostics software GMLAN/FNOS/ISO14229
- ECU/Module software/firmware
- Software Validation and Verification
- Embedded Software Staffing solution
- Autosar Configuration Solution
- Bootloader
Key Benafits:
- Expereicend and Capable team of engineers who can start the project immediate
- Cost saving
- Quality Service
Axon controls developed a set of tools which can help in the automated test and validation.